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Basically, you agree to check our website and Facebook page from time to time for changes and updates in workshop content or schedule.

You shall need to bring your laptop or pc to the workshop.

We commit that we will not share your personal details with a third party.
Student Participants

Student participants may be required to submit proofs of their student status. 

Registration Fees and Associated Cost 

The registration fee for workshop(s) on the website and all costs and disbursements incurred by the entrants in participation are sole responsibility of the entrant. All registration fees are non-refundable except in the case of workshop cancellation or withdrawal.

Workstations at Workshop(s)

It is the participant's responsibility to bring his or her laptop or pc to the workshop(s) venue(s) to successfully take part in the exercises.

Privacy Policy 

WEsearch lab is aware of your privacy and its importance. Any information collected on our site is used only for processing and administration of the workshop(s) and optimise your visit to our site from your personal experience.

Our Collected Information

The information we collect are either from you directly or through the cookies that your browser stores in your computer. These cookies do not allow us access to your personal computer, neither do they store any personal or payment details. The personal information collected is for administration and processing. We may sometimes also monitor site usage and traffic patterns to improve our site functioning and services. We may also use your details to keep you informed of future workshops.

Data Protection

WEsearch lab will hold and use your personal data strictly according to the Indian Data Protection Legislation. We will comply with Data Protection Acts 1984 & 1998. We shall not share your data with any third party.

Security Policy

WEsearch lab is aware of your safety and security, for which all sensitive information are collected and processed through a secured system. Whenever you are required to provide with any sensitive information like your payment card details, you will be taken to a secure system.

Workshop Cancellation / Withdrawal 

The right to cancel or suspend or alter the dates of the workshop(s) at any point in time is held by WEsearch lab, if deemed necessary in its opinion and if circumstances arise outside its control. In such case(s) of cancellation or suspension, registered participants shall be refunded.

Organisation and Administration 

Workshops hosted on are organised and administered by WEsearch lab. WEsearch lab holds the rights to assign authorised administrator to administer its organisation, including changing dates and/or venues, and making any decision or exercising such at its discretion.

Content Covered 
It shall be WEsearch lab's intent to cover every topic mentioned in the Workshop content and brief. If required, WEsearch lab tutor shall go beyond 6 p.m. to complete the topics. However, the level of detail in which the topics will be covered will depend on the collective progression of the participants.


These terms and conditions are governed by and in accordance with the Laws of India. 

General Indemnity 

You agree to indemnify WEsearch lab fully from and against all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, legal fees arising out of any breach of these conditions by you or any other liability arising out of your use of the site.


The participant agrees to release, indemnify, defend any party from any liability, any claim for damages, and/or lawsuit for or by reason of the mentioned workshop(s). Under no circumstances shall or can the participant be entitled to any loss or damage, which include attorney’s fees. Any dispute, claim and legal action arising from or connected with the workshop(s) shall be resolved without resorting to any form of legal action or class action. Should a participant choose to bring a claim against WEsearch lab or it's employees, the participant shall pay WEsearch lab's or any employee’s attorney fees and it's legal costs arising from the claim, should it fail. Nothing herein will constitute a waiver of the participant’s legal rights or any rights any party may have to take against the participant.


WEsearch lab reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice. The responsibility is yours to check the website regularly if we have made any changes to these terms and conditions.

Notification About Changes

Whenever there is any change in our privacy policy, or in the method of our collection or use of your information, it will be reflected on the website, and also the information will be delivered to you. You will be given the opportunity to agree or disagree with the same. Although in case of any discrepancy, WEsearch lab‘s decision will be considered final.


You are free to unregister with us at any point of time if you do not want us to hold any of your personal information or get notified about future workshop(s). To do this please contact us at with the subject Unregister stating your registered email address. You are also entitled to request the details of your data that we store.
Please read all the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to participate in the workshop. These rules form a binding legal agreement between you and the organiser with respect to the workshop(s). 
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